Mr. GM Sergey Kasparov with his wife WIM Tatiana will come for the 2nd term again to Prague.

Simultaneous play with GM Kasparov

The list of registered players on 13th Jule 2018
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Master tournament M11
Master candidate tournament K11
Main tournament H11
Secondary tournament V11

Founder of the International Chess Holiday:
Jaroslav Pelikán /1927-1997/ was one of the tireless chess organizers in the Czech Republic who devoted his time and most of his energy mainly to young people. He was living in a town in Central Bohemia, in Cesky Brod and he was working there. He was a teacher of foreign languages and later he became a headmaster of a grammar school. He participated in the organization of Grand Prizes which were very popular in the 60s and 70s. Under the leadership of Mr. Pelikan the chess team of Cesky Brod won the prize of Zajecice several times since 1964. It was the prize of Czech chess championship. Under his leadership a small town with population of 5,000 people had the team which took part in very important tournaments of chess league. But the best achievement of the last period of his life was the organization of International Chess Holiday where closed tournaments took place. We can say that it is a real world rarity.



International Chess Holiday

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